Lash Lifts & Tinting


A lash lift and tint is a non-invasive lash service that uses cream solutions to permanently “lift” and tint the eyelashes. Lash lifting is essentially a new-age lash perm that uses cream-based products and silicone shields to curl natural eyelashes—eliminating the need for traditional eyelash curlers. Unlike old school lash perms, which use barrel rollers and give lashes a tight and unnatural curl, lash lifts use silicone shields to lift the natural lashes upward, simultaneously giving height, length and volume. Lash tints often accompany lash lifts (although a tint may be done on its own) and darkens the natural lashes. When a lash lift and tint are used together, they replace the need for daily eyelash curling and mascara.



Traditionally, a lash lift lasts around 6-8 weeks. During a lash lift, natural eyelash are permanently curled and lifted upward. However, as mature eyelashes naturally shed and new lashes grow in, you’ll reach a point where you have enough new growth to need another lash lift. This usually happens after 6-8 weeks.



Absolutely. Lash lifts are an extremely low-maintenance lash service that curl natural eyelashes for up to 8 weeks and require virtually no aftercare. The Sugarlash PRO Lash Lift uses a series of cream-based products and silicone shields to permanently curl natural eyelashes for the remainder of their life cycle, so you can say goodbye to your eyelash curler. And unlike lash extensions, lash lift clients rub their eyes and sleep in any position, without worrying about tangling or premature shedding. Lash lifts are generally less costly than eyelash extensions, and can be completed in about an hour.



  • Arrive to your appointment without any eye makeup - freshly cleansed skin is best

  • Contact lenses will need to be taken out for the service and can be put back in immediately after, or you can wear glasses for the day

  • If you have sensitive or reactive skin, a patch test will need to be performed 24-48 hours before the service



  • Lashes need to stay dry for 24 hours to fully set, so no showering, steam rooms, hot yoga or high intensity work outs for the following day! The heat and moisture will compromise the lift and could result in a dropped lift on one or both eyes

  • Lashes will need to be conditioned at least a few nights a week to stay healthy and strong, so make sure to use the castor oil given to you after your appointment

  • Brush through your lashes daily to keep them separated and looking their best

  • Re-lifting can be performed after 6 weeks to maintain the best results

If you are pregnant or take thyroid medications, lash lifting is not recommended as the hormones will affect the result. Other contraindications include recent eye disease, eye surgery such as Lasik, allergy to latex, and any stye or infection near or in the eye. If you have any questions, please e-mail us and we will help you decide if it's right for you! 

All About Eyes  $100 

Lash Lift & Tint, Brow Wax & Tint                                              

Lash Lift & Tint $75


Lash Lift $75

Beautiful Eyes Trio $45

Brow Wax & Tint, Lash Tint


Lash Tint $20


Brow Tint $15

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